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What is the working principle of overrunning clutch


The overrunning clutch is a basic component with the development of mechatronics products. It is an important component for power transmission and separation between the prime mover and the working machine or between the driving shaft and the driven shaft inside the machine. It is a device with self clutch function by taking advantage of the speed change or rotation direction change of the driving and driven parts. Then what is the working principle of the overrunning clutch? Here is a detailed introduction.

The overrunning clutch is the overrunning separation. When the driven wheel is loaded, the clutch is engaged. Once the load becomes kinetic energy, the power can be separated on the horse. For example, on a motorcycle, when refueling, the wheels are loaded and the power is engaged to generate driving force. When the speed increases, when the accelerator is reduced, the power will be separated to make the vehicle slip out of gear, saving the wheel from driving the engine and generating engine braking. It can save fuel.

The reason why the overrunning clutch is used more and more is that the overrunning clutch has the following advantages:

overrunning clutch

Easy to operate: After equipped with overrunning clutch, the driver only needs to release the accelerator pedal for two actions to complete a taxi, which greatly reduces the driver's fatigue.

Fuel saving: After the overrunning clutch is applied, you can step on the accelerator pedal to speed up, eliminating the need to step on the accelerator pedal. Due to simple operation, you can control the speed within the economic speed range, and you can also slide frequently to save fuel.

To ensure safety: to reduce the driver's movements and handle various complex situations easily, which is conducive to driving safety.

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