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What are the uses of needle roller bearings


The needle roller bearing is equipped with thin and long needles, so its radial structure is compact. Its inner diameter and load capacity are the same as those of other types of bearings, and its outer diameter is small. It is especially suitable for machines with limited radial installation size. Different types of needle roller bearings can be selected according to different applications. The following details the uses of the lower heavy needle roller bearing.

Needle roller bearings have various structural types and different application ranges:

(1)The needle bearing for pressing the outer ring can be divided into two types: piercing type and sealing type. The needle bearing for pressing the outer ring has no inner ring, and the needle directly contacts the surface of the shaft, so the machining accuracy and heat treatment hardness of the shaft should be the same as the inner ring of the bearing. Scope of application: The needle roller bearing with the stamping outer ring of the connecting frame is suitable for high speed and heavy load, and is mainly used for the gearbox of machine tools, automobiles, motorcycles or textile machines. The needle bearing with pressed ring without connecting frame is suitable for swing out working conditions under heavy load because it is full of needles. Such as the frame of the aircraft, the shaft end of the main wing of the missile, etc.

needle roller bearing

(2)Needle roller bearing with solid ring Needle roller bearing with solid ring, commonly used needle roller bearings with solid ring are NA type and RNA type. Scope of application: needle roller bearing with solid ring is mostly used in machine tools and automobile gearboxes. Its role is to have small radial section size and carry large radial load. The standard solid ring needle roller bearings all have connecting frames, so the speed is high and can meet the requirements of machine tools and automobile gearboxes.

(3)Application scope of roller needle bearing: roller for printing machine, forage machine, agricultural machine, CNC equipment guide rail, conveyor line, etc.

(4)Needle roller and coupler assembly. Needle roller and connecting frame components are actually needle roller bearings without ferrules. Scope of application: This kind of bearing is mostly used for large and small ends of connecting rods of gearboxes, motorcycles and automobiles. As the temperature inside the cylinder rises, the bearing shall be resistant to high temperature.

These are some introductions about the use of needle roller bearings. Zhihua is a needle roller bearings manufacturer from china. We have many years of experience in producing and selling needle roller bearings. If necessary, welcome to consult!

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