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Overview: Whether you call them forklift mast guide rollers, froklift combined bearings, or mast guide bearings, these bearings are designed for heavy load carrying capacities and high intermittent shock loads, such as those in forklift applications. The internal design of mast guide bearings and other varieties of track roller bearings maximizes load capacities to protect bearing components and applications from high radial and thrust loads. Tight seals and high grease-fills are used to ensure minimal wear and tear and the highest possible lifespan for the bearing components.


Froklift combined bearings are seen in cam drives, slide-ways, and conveying equipment (among other applications), and are most commonly used to guide the telescopic mast section in forklifts. In addition to mast guide bearings, forklifts often utilize carriage bearings, side thrust rollers, and chain roller bearings.

Common Types:

Mast guide bearings: As forklift masts ascend and descend into position, a mast guide bearing facilitates smooth extension of each mast stage.

Carriage bearings: These bearings are along the horizontal rail of the carriage. They allow for side-to-side positioning of the fork attachment.

Chain roller bearings: These bearings guide chains through a profiled channel or groove as the forklift masts ascend and descend during operation.

Side thrust rollers: A vertical roller guide that prevents bending or twisting during telescopic extension and transfers lateral loads to the mast.

Combined roller bearings: A bearing assembly consisting of a mast guide bearing with an integral side thrust roller. These control both the vertical and lateral movement of the mast.

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