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Full Range of Cam Followers ( Yoke & Stud Type) are available now from CZH


CZH has launched it's strategic plan of enriching their production range of Cam Followers (Yoke & Stud Type) in the early 2014. in October, 2014 we finished full range of Cam Followers (Yoke & Stud Type). and all of them are ex-stock now. The products are mainly INA design including: NATR, NATR..PP, NATV, NATV..PP, NUTR, PWTR, KR (X), KR(X)..PP, KRV(X), KRV(X)..PP, NUKR, NUKRV, PWKR, PWKRV ..etc.

We are also capable of manufacturing all kinds of cusom cam followers as per customer's drawing.

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